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5 Fashion Trends To Say Goodbye To In 2018

5 Fashion Trends To Say Goodbye To In 2018. The 5 Fashion Trends are listed below.

  2018 is shaping up to be a great year for fashion: in addition to new and exciting trends there are also several trends that are disappearing from the fashion radar. Find out which 5 fashion trends will be out of vogue in 2018 and shop for the latest pieces of trend on Jiji:

5 Fashion Trends To Say Goodbye To In 2018.

  1. Millennial pink

Millennial pink has been the hottest colour in fashion for five years straight. It has all the components for being an ultra popular shade: it’s flattering, it’s gender-neutral, and it can be worn in so many different ways. However, millennial pink has noticeably been getting stale, especially when it’s used in monochrome outfits. If you can’t let go of your millennial pink clothes, at least make sure to combine them with other shades.

  1. Corsets

Corsets and corset tops were popularized by Kim Kardashian and other Instagram celebrities, and they are unlikely to part with their corsets any time soon. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to look very 2017 with your fashion choices, it’s better to pack the corsets away – who knows when they will be back? In the meantime, you can substitute corsets for wide corset belts, since they are back in vogue.

  1. Pom-poms

For a while pom-poms were the next big thing in fashion. They were used in decorating handbags, footwear, and jewelry. Pom-poms may be extremely adorable, but their time in fashion has simply come to an end. There is no subtlety about pom-poms, and when executed clumsily, they often look like they belong on a child’s outfit. There are many other ways to make your look cuter, and pom-poms are no longer among them.

  1. Bomber jackets

One of the best known facts about fashion is that popular trends always make a comeback – bomber jackets were popular once and they have been popular until 2018. However, if you’re currently looking for new trendy outerwear, a bomber jacket shouldn’t be your first choice. Right now the hottest variety of outerwear are tailored shapes – for example, blazers and trenchcoats that fantastically fit any style.

  1. Ripped jeans

Distressed jeans have been very common for a couple of years, but many fans of distressed jeans have taken their love for worn out denim too far, which led to ripped jeans looking like they’ve been through some accident. Delicately distressed denim is still very trendy, but don’t get too enthusiastic with ripping your perfectly good jeans.


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